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Schumacher SupaStox ATOM 1/12th GT12 Circuit Car ATOM CC - Pro

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189,00 €
Schumacher SupaStox ATOM 1/12th GT12 Circuit Car ATOM CC - Pro is available for purchase in increments of 1

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SKU : K173
Schumacher SupaStox ATOM 1/12th GT12 Circuit Car


Schumacher SupaStox ATOM 1/12th GT12 Circuit Car The SupaStox ATOM is the latest innovation in the exciting world of GT12 racing. It features an alloy chassis for ultra low centre of gravity, a new lightweight diff and wheels for low rotating weight, and a host of updates developed by Schumacher’s championship winning drivers and engineers. GT12 is close and competitive racing and the ATOM includes all the adjustments and refinements that you need to be at the front of the pack. Simple to build and set up, the all new ATOM is the new benchmark! ATOM - The speed is in the details. Alongside the original SupaStox ATOM, the ATOM CC features a Carbon Fibre Chassis and the ability to adjust the battery mounting position. The CC is ideal for the driver that likes a more responsive and edgy feel to their car. ATOM CC Includes; NEW Carbon fibre chassis for improved response. NEW Adjustable battery position for balance tuning, more forward option. NEW More forward servo position with improved chassis mounting. NEW Smaller steering turnbuckle ball grippa's.

NEW - Aluminium Chassis for Lower Centre of Gravity and improved flex characteristics
NEW - Lightweight Ball Differential with 3 Screw Wheel Fixing and Carbon Axle (Pro Kit)
NEW - Separate Springs for Independent Roll and Bump stiffness adjustment
NEW - Balanced Rear Pod assembly
NEW - Contact Wheels with Improved Flex and Handling Characteristics (Pro Kit)
NEW - Range of World Championship winning Contact foam available
NEW - Extra Low Motor Position
NEW - Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts
NEW - Easy Front Ride Height Adjustment
NEW - Easy Caster Adjustment
NEW - Lightweight Front Foam Bumper
NEW - Front Independent Suspension
NEW - Front Axles with Flanged front bearings
NEW - Multiple Servo Mounting Positions
NEW - 69T 48dp Kimbrough High Efficiency Spur as Standard (Options available) (Pro Kit)
NEW - Full Range Of Optional Colour Coded Springs Front, Side and Rear
NEW - Revised Body Mounting position for Improved Handling
NEW - Balanced Left Rear Wheel Clamp
NEW - Side Damper Tubes included for improved Corner Handling and Bump Riding (Pro Kit)
NEW - Extra Low Rear Roll Centre Pivot Height for awesome rear traction
NEW - Optimised Steering Geometry for precise handling
NEW - Static Caster adjustment for Sharper Steering
NEW - All Black Nuts as Standard
NEW - Compact Ariel Tube Holder
Tweak Free Battery Mounting with Tape. (Speed Secret Battery Strap Available)
Ball Bearing Front and Rear Axles
Adjustable Toe-in/out and Camber adjustment with Speed Secret Camber Straps
Adjustable Ackerman with Washers
Chassis Balance Pivot Holes. For Use With U3582 Pivot Set. To optimise left/right weight distribution
Rear Tweak Adjustment via Side Springs
Damper Tube Style Rear Damping For Improved Bump Riding and Corner Handling
Adjustable Rear Ride Height using interchangable inserts
Simple Rear Droop Adjustment
Small Kimbrough Servo Saver with stiffener Included As Standard
High Tensile Steel Hex Screws Used Throughout
Adjustable Steering Turnbuckles Included As Standard
High Quality Easy to Follow Instruction Manual
Fully Adjustable Body Mount System
Accepts A Huge Range Of Industry Standard Bodyshells, Motors,
Batteries, And Speed Controllers

K173 - ATOM CC - Pro (
Pro Kit shown in all pictures and includes C/F Pro diff, side dampers, left rear wheel clamp and new Atom GT12 wheels - Carbon Fibre chassis)

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