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55,00 €
LRP S10 Blast TC 2 Clubracer Non-RTR SENZA CARROZZERIA E GOMME is available for purchase in increments of 1

Introduzione Veloce

SKU : LRP_120202
LRP S10 Blast TC 2 Clubracer Non-RTR no wheels and body - 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Non-RTR SENZA CARROZZERIA E GOMME


The S10 Blast TC 2 Clubracer features a specially developed 4WD chassis concept that fulfils all demands on a 1/10 4WD touring car. From the suspension to the drive, everything has been precisely adapted. Depending on the track layout, the suspension geometry can be completely adjusted.
The S10 Blast TC 2 Clubracer is a basis model ready for competition. It comes as a pre-mounted chassis without body shell, electronics and tyres.

Splashproof receiver box
Completely mounted chassis
Completely sealed drive train protects the gears against stones, dirt and dust
Completely built with ball bearings
CVD driveshafts front for constant power transmission and minimized losses
4 "Big Bore" oil filled shocks for perfect roadability on every surface
Swaybars front and rear for improved cornering
Steel differentials front and rear
Fully adjustable onroad race suspension for perfect handling performance
Left/right turnbuckles in front and rear
Low maintenance and efficient universal drivetrain
Reinforced front suspension
Blue anodized aluminium motor mount
Blue anodized aluminium suspension arm holder front and rear
Easy to understand user manual including beginner and tuning guide
All spare parts available

Length 414mm
Height 120mm
Wheelbase 262mm
Width 190mm
Drive system 4WD shaft drive
Gearing 48dp
Diameter of wheel 65mm
Width of wheel 24mm

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